I am an instructor for Bioignite, an Atlanta-based organization whose mission is to introduce middle school students to science and engineering concepts. This summer (2016), I taught the “biomedical imaging” session at the three summer camps held in metro Atlanta. Check out Bioignite’s website for more info about this wonderful organization!

“MRI And You Can Too” – Emory MSTC 2015 Finalist

I had the opportunity to participate in the medical student teaching competition at Emory University, with my coach Dr. Stefan Tigges. The aim of this competition is to teach a topic to medical students in 8 minutes. For my talk, I focused on the basics of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and how to quickly interpret medical MR images.

Courses TA’ed

Quantitative Engineering Physiology Lab – Spring 2016 (Georgia Tech BME)

Human Anatomy – 2015-16 (Emory University School of Medicine)

MD/PhD Journal Club – 2016-16 (Emory University School of Medicine)

Systems Bioengineering II – Spring 2013 (Johns Hopkins BME)

Systems Bioengineering I – Fall 2012 (Johns Hopkins BME)

Systems Bioengineering Lab – Fall 2011 (Johns Hopkins BME)

Modeling & Design Lab – Fall 2010 (Johns Hopkins BME)